How would you act if you knew what would happen in the future? What if the future had already happened? What would be different if you had the certainty that something was already done? How might you behave if you already had what you were striving for? If I said you could travel in time and see the outcome, how would that affect your confidence now? Would you work harder knowing that your efforts would pay off?

For the sake of demonstration, go with me here for a minute. Time travel is real, it is possible and we are going to do it today. We will be traveling to the future to observe what will happen. At this point you will probably be calling BS and start disregarding the rest of what I’m about to say. The only problem with that is that it doesn’t bring you anything to react like that. Accepting the assumption that time travel IS possible and we WILL be doing it today may not bring you anything either, but you owe it to your skeptical self to investigate it.

Time Travel, Yes you can

One thing that affects the outcome of something is the amount of confidence you have when working on it. Have you ever had the experience where your perceptions influenced your reality? Maybe you were insulted when you perceived someone to mean one thing, when they meant it another way. The message was misinterpreted. Your perception of the message created the reality that you experienced. Sometimes we even feel a palpable change in our physiology from emotions as they suddenly arise. This is truly amazing; your thoughts have the power to change your body chemistry, how processes flow and your internal feelings and being.

Time Travel, Neurons

Your daily thoughts, habits or actions will influence the outcome of what you’re trying to accomplish. This is why we want you to act with confidence and certainty that your goal or outcome has already happened. This is the first step towards your success. This is setting up an internal environment that will help support you going forwards. Your body will start to prepare consistent with what you expect to happen. With this new confidence, you might be surprised when other people start noticing a change in you posture as you are radiating a new level of confidence. Confidence has the power to change both your internal and external environments, therefore supporting your success!

The first step to this exercise is to travel to the future. You may need to close your eyes for this, or maybe you are able to complete this exercise with your eyes open. So again, lets travel to the future. To the exact day and time when you have achieved your goal or outcome. See yourself there if you are supposed to be there. See the people who are supposed to be there. Hear what they are saying about the outcome. Embody this feeling. How does it feel to have realized the goal? What impact does your achievement have on the people that it affects? How do those who are affected feel? How much more far reaching is this than you had previously anticipated? We need full sensory engagement for this process. Imagine the entire experience. See it, hear it and feel it from every perspective.

This time travel exercise will help shape your expectations and can even possibly change your physiology. We have all woken up in the middle of the night from a dream with our heart racing. This is similar. When you fully immerse yourself in the future event that will happen, it can change how your body functions and the chemicals it produces. Use this to your advantage. Some of those chemicals may be necessary to produce the result you will be achieving. Think of athletes who psych themselves up before a competition. All top performing athletes visualize the outcome. Why not use their strategy for your own success?


If you were to simply move forward as if it was already done and you just need to seal the deal, how would that impact your confidence? This is a practice we can implement at any time. You will, in fact, act differently if you expect something to happen than if you expect it not to happen. If you expect something will not go well, (“it’s not going to happen anyway”) you show up with a different energy, vibration and confidence than if you are CERTAIN that you will get your desired result. We can approach all things in life with a certainty and the assumption that things will go “our way.” This confidence will work its way in to influence the outcome.

Some scientists theorize that there is no such thing as past, present or future and that all “time” occurs simultaneously. I would suggest that these constructs are a matter of perspective. It depends where you are and in which direction you are looking. When we act as if the outcome has already happened, we are in a sense traveling through time. We are envisioning the “future” and then coming back to “present time” and thin this way affecting future results. This strategy, when implemented consistently, will help you achieve your goals, pursue your passions and shape your future.

Action Steps:

  1. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  2. Do the time travel exercise.

Joy-fully Yours,


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