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We are passionate about supporting you to unlock and shift your energy, change your state and live your vibrant passion.

Since 2017

We love initiating change that creates a shift towards an elevated quality of life, helping people to reach their goals with less effort and more joy while they create the life of their dreams.

In addition to optimizing coherence, we passionately believe in Joy, the Spirit of Adventure and Broadened Horizons. We also 100% believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had a healthy spine and nervous system.


[kintzugi]: (n.) (sub.)

“mit Gold reparieren”

1. Die Kunst, Keramik mit Goldtinktur
zu reparieren und zu verstehen,
dass das Stück schöner und wertvoller
ist, weil es brach.

Our Chiropractors

Our Chiropractors have studied and graduated from internationally accredited chiropractic colleges. They are so passionate about what they do, life and humanity, that there is always a desire and vision for MORE. Knowing the value of health, personal growth and development, our Chiropractors are on a mission to support you as a human being while holding a big vision for the global community.


Linda Schroeder, DC

Linda Schroeder, DC

Master-E, Certified Network Spinal Practitioner, Chiropractor

Berlin, Germany

Guthrie Schroeder, DC

Guthrie Schroeder, DC

Network Spinal Practitioner, Chiropractor

Braunschweig & Berlin, Germany

Erfahre mehr über das Chiropraktik Studium

Es ist weltweit einheitlich geregelt, wer sich „Doctor of Chiropractic“ bzw. Chiropractor nennen darf. Dabei handelt es sich ausschließlich um die Absolventen eines 4-6 jährigen Hochschulprogramms an einer der Institutionen, die vom Chiropractic Council of Education (kurz CCE) akkreditiert worden sind.

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