What is energy? Is energy only some sort of weird meta-physical concept or phenomenon? No. You don’t have to be enlightened or high to be aware of energy or vibration. Energy is the simplest building block of our physical world. What we perceive as having structure and stability is really the probability of energy coordinated in time and space. Chemistry and physics meet to explain the physical world to us. It is said that only about 5% of the universe as we know it is “ordinary matter.” Ordinary matter is what you can see, touch and feel. Ordinary matter is made of molecules and atoms, which are comprised of ions and electrons.

So, what is the other 95% of the UNIVERSE supposed to be? Astrophysicists say that the remaining part of the universe is supposed to be “dark energy” and “dark matter.” If that doesn’t sound like part of the plot from a Harry Potter Book, I don’t know what does. So, you see, when you break everything down into its simplest form, it is all energy anyway.

Let’s take another look at something more tangible: ordinary matter. What we said earlier was that ordinary matter is that stuff that we can touch see and feel. It’s made up of atoms and molecules (which are also energy). Now, here’s where things get interesting. The amount of energy in the matter is what will determine its physical properties. That’s right, the amount of ENERGY in matter will DETERMINE its PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Now would be a good time for a quick refresher on the states of matter. We know from chemistry and physics that matter can have different states of being: Solid, Liquid, Gas or Plasma. In order for a state change to occur, we need to change the energy within the matter. Either add or remove energy. Heating something up would adding energy. Cooling something down is an example of taking energy away from matter.

Let’s take a look at water. Water actually behaves differently in different energy states. When the energy state of water is low, it turns to ice. As it begins to warm up, the once cold solid becomes fluid and more movable and adaptable. The molecules spread apart as ice thaws and becomes fluid water. This change in temperature excites the molecules and results in a change in state. As we start to heat up the water, it begins to get even more excited. If you’ve ever watched a pot of water start to boil you can almost see the water getting excited. Small bubbles form on the bottom of the pot and it starts to make noise. When the water reaches 100 degrees C, the water turns into steam as it undergoes yet another state change. As steam, water has even more energy and expands past its previous spatial confines. This expansion of water into steam is how the first steam trains got their power.

A Flow State is When Energy is Unbound and Abundant


Knowing that changes in energy shifts states of matter can also be useful to our personal lives. If we can harness and efficiently use our energy, we will be much more successful at changing our state. The ever sought after “flow state” is one where energy is unbound and abundant. We are able to be laser focused and work becomes play as things become effortless.

Our goal is to help shift energy to bring about state changes. Our ultimate goal is to help you develop strategies for you to be able to shift your state to the most effective one needed at a moment’s notice. When we are able to change our state to fit our situation, things become less stressful and we get into flow. The state that is most effective when having a romantic evening with your partner is probably not the most appropriate one when working on a big project for the business. Just like wearing the right clothing for the season changes how comfortable you are; changing your state will change your outcome. 

Action Step:

Put on some fun music, run in place, dance or jump around for about a minute. After you feel your heart beat starting to rise, stop moving, stand grounded and press your hands into your outer thighs. Imagine you are containing the energy that is flowing through your body with your arms and hands. The feeling you feel flowing through your body is what we will term your Bio-Energy or your life force. This is the energy that runs the show and the background processes. Have fun dancing 🙂

Joy-fully Yours,


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