Most people are born with 5 “special” senses. Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch. Have you ever wondered how we are able to sense things? Most people take it for granted. We have the ability to see or hear and we don’t realize what actually has to happen for this to take place. These two senses are actually super interesting. All of our sensory systems work similarly. We can simplify it by saying that each sensory system detects subtle energies and reacts to them by sending signals to our brain. The interpretation of these subtle energies within the brain causes huge cascades of reactions within our body and nervous system.

Smell the Flowers

Stop and Sense the Flowers

One can’t help but to be amazed at the incredible abilities we have to sense energy. To smell something takes just a few molecules of a substance and we can usually immediately identify it as pleasant or gross and usually what it actually is. Our ability to see is almost even more astounding. Photons of light (energy) enter our eye and get interpreted by our brain. This subtle energy has the ability to change our state in an instant. When we see someone we love, see something sad, see something amazing, our state changes. We have all experienced an adrenaline rush after almost having an accident or seeing blue lights in our rearview mirror. Before you can even realize that something is about to happen you feel your entire body physiology change.

The same thing happens with our sense of hearing. It’s scary to hear a scratching or creaking noise at night when you’re lying in bed. You get a call from someone who you don’t know and they tell you that your loved one has been in a bad accident. You can’t see the person, you don’t know that person, you can’t see your loved one. Yet, your body immediately starts changing. Changing as a result to the subtle energy waves and vibration traveling through the telephone and into your ear. Subtle energy is around us all the time and we are pros at receiving and interpreting them in many ways.

Sense of Touch

We can also be affected by other subtle energies that we may not be aware of. Some people have difficulties with the electrical fields from the wiring in their houses. Electrical wires have a field around them. This is how we can detect a cable behind the wall before drilling a hole to put up a shelf. We can develop problems with electro-smog in the home if the wiring is not installed properly. Most people notice how cell phone radiation affects their ear or head when talking on a cell phone for a longer period of time. These energies are all around us. And we are sending out more and more frequencies and radiation as innovation continues. I would love to encourage you to pay close attention to your senses today. You may find you notice something new.

Action Step:

Stop and smell some flowers, stop a to appreciate street art, stop to listen to a street performer. Take a minute to appreciate your special senses. You have them, use them. Life it too short to unconsciously walk through it.

Joy-fully Yours,


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