Have you ever wondered what pain actually is? Is it the universe’s way of making your otherwise incredibly miraculous life mortal? Do we all deserve to suffer? Or is it an amazingly intelligent warning system? I would like to propose it is the latter. We experience pain not for the purpose of suffering, it is our alarm system that brings emergencies to our attention that we might otherwise have ignored.

Let’s say you have a 5-year-old child. You are cooking in the kitchen and you turn away from the stove to rinse your veggies before you add them into your famous tomato sauce. Little Donny reaches up and puts his cute little hand on the hot stove and he gets a quick surprise. You run his hand under cold water, stir the sauce so it doesn’t burn and comfort him as he screams. Because it’s your child, you wish he didn’t have to suffer. And you are glad that his body reacted quickly enough so he didn’t injure himself further. The sensation of pain started an automatic process within his body. Our muscles are ready at a moments notice to immediately retract before we even notice anything happened. The discomfort we notice afterwards is our body signaling that there is something that needs to be dealt with.

Pain is supposed to interrupt your life when you are not living congruently with your soul.

We can also think of pain as a larger concept. Pain can be felt when we get stressed, get discouraged, feel left out or even are ashamed. The pain that we feel emotionally can also sometimes manifest in our physical body. We can extrapolate this further and say that pain is supposed to interrupt your life when you are not living congruently with your soul. Dr. Donald Epstein once said “If you are living someone else’s life it’s supposed to hurt.” Pain is not a programming error in the system, it’s a feature. Live congruently and live extra-ordinarily!

That's all for now!


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