Have you ever thought that you want a normal life? Do you really want a NORMAL life? What is normal anyway? Normal is only a setting on the washing machine. Normal is average. Normal is boring. Do you want an average life? Average health? Average life expectancy? “Average” will get you killed! Do you really want an AVERAGE life? I assume if you are still here you don’t.

Normal is Only a Setting on the Washing Machine

Do you want to be a Patient or a Participant? Patient = one who patiently suffers, forfeiting responsibility and tries to move away from or avoid something. Participant = one who takes responsibility to change for improvement and growth towards something better. Step up. Take responsibility and reclaim your power. Reclaim the power to choose your path. Reclaim the power to choose what happens with your life. Reclaim the power to choose a better future. The choice is yours. The question is, what are you willing to settle for?

That's all for now!


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