We have had, and still continue to have, the amazing opportunity to attend many seminars with Dr. Donny Epstein on NetworkSpinal for intermediate and advanced practitioners, Epi-Integrate and Epi-Living. Linda is also taking part in Donny’s Master-E program. Master-E is an intimate year-long Mastery course with the legend himself. We are so grateful to be able to learn from Dr. Epstein and the other amazing practitioners on the teaching staff at EpiEnergetics.

Dr. Donny Epstein is the founder and developer of the unique form of Chiropractic known as NetworkSpinal. Over the past 4 decades, Dr. Epstein has been developing and refining many health and wellness technologies. EpiEnergetics is the culmination of Epstein’s work, which includes, NetworkSpinal, Somato-Respiratory Integration, Reorganizational Healing and Living, and new evolving Energetic Technologies.

With his work being practiced world-wide, Epstein has worked with researches in many Universities around the world to study how the body makes change, upgrades its circuitry and reorganizes its systems and movement patterns. Donny Epstein has authored peer reviewed research articles published in many academic journals.

If you are curious to learn more and experience some of Donny Epstein’s work in Berlin Germany, we look forward to meeting you in the office!

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