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kintsu · Schroeder & Partner, not your typical Chiropractic office. Founded in Spring of 2017, by Linda and Guthrie Schroeder, kintsu is Berlin’s first exclusively “Network Care” specific Chiropractic office.

Network Spinal is a unique Chiropractic technique that implements light touch contacts, breath and body work. Used by top performers, coaches and businesses to maintain their edge, Network Spinal is a Chiropractic technique for shifting one’s state. Be it state of health, personal satisfaction or achievement, Network Spinal provides strategies for change.

kintsu offers Network exclusively in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin am Armin Platz, walking distance from the Schönhauser Allee S-bahn station.

Who is kintsu?

We are Linda and Guthrie Schroeder, two Chiropractors who studied Chiropractic at Sherman College in the United States. After our classic Chiropractic Studies, we decided to specialize in Network Spinal. Now we want to use our skills to create a higher quality of life for those we serve.

We are passionate about supporting you to unlock and shift your energy, change your state and live your vibrant passion.

Our Mission

We love initiating change that creates a shift towards an elevated quality of life, helping people to reach their goals with less effort and more joy while they create the life of their dreams.

What does kintsu mean?

The name kintsu comes from the Japanese word “kintsugi” meaning to repair with gold. It also represents the idea that the repaired piece is made more valuable and beautiful as a result of its being cracked or broken. kintsu was founded in Spring of 2017. Located in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin am Armin Platz, kintsu is near the Schönhauser Allee S-bahn station.

Our Motto

Experiences Shape Character

In addition to optimizing coherence, we passionately believe in Joy, the Spirit of Adventure and Broadened Horizons. We also 100% believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had a healthy spine and nervous system.

Linda Schroeder, DC

I am a Chiropractor, Food Enthusiast and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lover. I help action takers and doers, life lovers and seekers to connect with themselves and to upgrade their health so that they can lead a successful and energy-rich thriving life.

Originally from Wolfsburg, I now live with my husband and our Dog Daisy in the amazing, variety-rich city of Berlin, Germany.

Since my teenage years I have always searched for “more”, for bigger connections and bigger visions. I have been hungry for depth, connection and life. But I had also lost sight of my dreams and my desires. I lacked energy, orientation and connection to myself and my surroundings. I felt pain – physically and emotionally.

During my studies abroad, I came across Network Spinal and it changed my life. I felt more connection than I had ever felt and could see the big picture. I became more energized with clear goals in mind. I felt more flexible and adaptable to the challenges that our busy everyday life holds for us.

I decided, as a result of my own experiences, to become a Network Spinal Analysis chiropractor and to help you on your journey to an energy-rich extraordinary life.


  • Studied at Anglo European Chiropractic College (UK)
  • Studied at Sherman College of Chiropractic (USA)
  • Graduation from Sherman College, Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Heilpraktikerin beschränkt auf Chiropraktik 2015
  • Worked at Chiropraktik Zentrum Peine
  • Worked at Chiropractic Zentrum Braunschweig
  • Network Spinal Certification

Guthrie Schroeder, DC

Guthrie Schroeder is a studied chiropractor who received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic in the United States. After achieving his academic goals with the highest honors of Suma Cum Laude at the top of his class, Guthrie moved to Germany to continue helping people achieve their health goals.

He has worked in multiple Chiropractic offices and locations throughout Germany, including the Chiropractic Zentrum Braunschweig, VW Financial Services Health Center, the Chiropractic Zentrum Peine and Fachpraxis Beyer. After treating thousands of people, Guthrie, and his wife Linda, decided to specialize in Network Spinal and open their own office in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

I’m a chiropractor, agent of change and saw-dust smell enthusiast. I come from a small town of around 6.000 people in the Northeastern part of the United States and now I live with my wife and our little dog Daisy in Berlin Germany, a city of almost 3,5 million. When I’m not busy, I enjoy hiking, wood working, exercising, watching movies and laughing.


  • Studied at the University of Maine (USA)
  • Bachelor of Science from University of Maine
  • Studied at Sherman College of Chiropractic (USA)
  • Graduation from. Sherman College, Doctor of Chiropractic summa cum laude
  • Heilpraktiker beschränkt auf Chiropraktik 2015
  • Worked at Chiropractic Zentrum Braunschweig
  • Worked at Chiropraktik Zentrum Peine
  • Worked at Volkswagen Financial Services Health Center
  • Worked at Fachpraxis Beyer

About kintsu

kintsu · Schroeder & Partner provides Chiropractic care, exclusively through the Network Spinal technique. We help develop new strategies to increase energy, effectiveness and improve health so you can crush your life goals and create the life you always dreamed of. We realize that for leaders to be rock stars in their thriving business and lives, they need specific strategies to keep themselves full of energy, passion and excitement. We also want to see children, our future generation, making better choices and growing up strong and healthy.


Guthrie Schroeder
Founder, Chiropractor
030 9486 9182