Linda Schroeder, DC

Network Spinal Practicioner, food enthusiast and cavalier king charles spaniel lover

„Why live an ordinary life,

when you can

live an extraordinary one.

Tony Robbins
Performance Coach & Best-Selling Author

You are an action taker and doer and you dream of having a successful and an energy rich life.

You spend your days trying to figure out how to get things done instead of successfully thriving through the day.

You feel exhausted, misunderstood and frustrated. You wish there was someone who would help you to connect to a more energy rich you: the rockstar who you truly are.

You want to feel energized and connected. You realize you deserve so much more and you want to reclaim your life, leading it with clarity.

You want to come home to yourself.


My name is  Linda Schroeder and my guilty pleasure is

Macaroni & Cheese

I am a  Network Spinal Practitioner, Food Enthusiast and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lover.

I help  action takers  and doers, life lovers and seekers to connect with themselves and to upgrade  their  health so that they can lead a successful and  energy-rich  thriving life.

Originally from Wolfsburg, I now live with my husband and our Dog Daisy in the amazing, variety-rich city of Berlin, Germany.

Since my teenage years I have always searched for “more”, for bigger connections and bigger visions. I have been hungry for depth, connection and life. But I have also lost sight of my dreams and my desires.

I lacked energy, orientation and connection to myself and my surroundings. I felt pain – physically and emotionally.

During my studies abroad I came across Network Spinal and it changed my life.

I felt more connection than I had ever felt and could see the big picture. I became more energized with clear goals in mind. I felt more flexible and adaptable to the challenges that our busy everyday life holds for us.

I decided, as a result of my own experiences, to become a Network Spinal Practicioner and to help you on your journey to an  energy-rich extraordinary life.

I want to help leaders to be rock stars in their thriving business and lives.


I want action takers to be successful and full of passion.


I want to see children, our future generation, making better choices and growing up strong and healthy.